Recipe: Buffalo Chicken

As I have mentioned before, for the past two months I’ve been living with my 81-year-old grandpa in South Carolina. I’ve been having a great time listening to his stories, joking around with him, and cooking for the both of us. However being a southern man for those 81 years, it’s been kind of difficult trying to find healthy things to cook that he will like. For some reason I don’t think he would eat the shrimp quinoa salad that I’ve been dying to try. So whenever I come across a recipe that is healthy, delicious, and not too far from the fried southern food he’s used to, I know I’ve found a gem.

One of these gems is a recipe for crock pot buffalo chicken. First of all it’s so easy.  It basically goes -

Step 1: Pour all of the ingredients in the crock pot.

Step 2: Turn on the crock pot.

Step 3: Go to class.

Step 4: Come back from class and put the finishing touches on the chicken.

Step 5: Eat!

My grandfather had a chicken sandwich while I ate my chicken on a bed of lettuce with some low fat blue cheese dressing and a side of watermelon. He couldn’t stop saying, “Mmm! What is this called again?” He liked the spice while I liked the 147 calories per serving. It was so delicious (and so easy!) that I made it again the next week.

Think about trying a version of this recipe next time you’re in the dining hall! Grab some grilled chicken, put them on top of some lettuce and drizzle with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing.

Check out the original recipe here if you’re interested.