Progress Update: Halfway there

Oooohhhh we're halfway there....

We’re a little more than halfway through this blog, so now is the perfect time for a little reflection on the month of July.

I started off July strong. I had a great energy with the start of the blog, and the start of a new term in summer school. I kept up my healthy choices. It was easy at the beginning. However like most things, it got harder to keep up my lifestyle as the month went on.

I slipped in terms of my healthy choices near the end of July. My schedule got a little crazy. I didn’t cook as much at home, and I went out more. This also meant that I didn’t eat as healthy. It also meant that I didn’t make it to the gym the last week because I was rushing to finish up all of the work with my physics class.

Going about a week and a half without going to the gym was rough. I had a lot of stored up energy. I got a little antsy. However, I didn’t realize before how much of a stress reliever a simple workout was. That week was especially stressful without my outlet. What amazed me was that in the few weeks that I had been consistently working out, I had changed my thoughts about the gym from something that I had to do to something that I wanted to do. That week without a single workout really made me appreciate how much workouts had become a part of my lifestyle.

Moreover it that week, I lost a lot of momentum. I got out of my routine and it’s been really difficult to get back into a new routine. However, now that I’m in the same place essentially for the month of August, I’m hoping it’ll be easy to get back into a rhythm. I can’t wait!

As for the water challenge, I didn’t reach my goal of 64 oz. all 30 days. I missed a weekend. However, looking back there was a significant difference between certain days in this challenge. At the start of the challenge, I would forget about my challenge during the day and then drink the 64 oz. in the evening. That was not ideal and it clearly wasn’t in the spirit of the challenge. However, I do have to say that as the challenge went on, it got easier and drinking water throughout the day became a healthy habit. Compared to the times that I skipped or waited until the evening, those days that I drank water throughout the day, I felt more energized and I didn’t snack. Hopefully this will be a habit that I will keep up.

I’ve made some progress and I’ve learned a lot about my personal health habits, but here’s to getting back into a routine and back on track!