Princeton's Stylish Girl of the Week: Virginia Farrell

Name: Virginia (Ginny) Farrell
Sign: Cancer. “I don’t think it got changed up.”
Year: 2013
Major: English.  I just declared today!
Dreams: I don’t really have concrete dreams.  I really would like to be Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. There is something so seductive about decayed luxury.
Interests: I like to make clothes.  I like Macarons; I like to bake pretty deserts.  I love hat boxes. 
Fashion Icon (s) and Why: Recently, I’ve started channeling Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life – I  watch a lot of defunct 90s shows. Both characters are such individuals.  Horne is this fantastic anachronism; she has such a 50s feminine sexuality within the 90s.  Graff more closely reflects the grunge style of the 90s and the individualism that accompanies it.
Favorite Designer(s)/ Store(s) and Why: I love Viktor & Rolf! In my ideal world I could sit in one of their tulle Spring 2010 dresses with my decayed wedding cake and pretend to be Miss Havisham. I could die in those dresses. As for stores, ASOS is great.  It called itself something like the world’s biggest wardrobe and it’s completely true – there’s so much stuff in there. 
Favorite Fashion Accessory:  I love my suede fringe jacket. I just got it about three weeks ago but I wear it all the time. It’s perfect for the fickle spring weather and has such flair.
Biggest Fashion Mistake You’ve Made or A lot of women make: Not dressing for your body type. Play up your strengths!