Princeton's Stylish Girl of the Week: Rana Campbell

 Name: Rana Campbell

Sign: Taurus
“I definitely want to work in the media because I love working with people.  Hopefully I can blend my love of social justice and art together.”
reading, writing, dancing, poetry, volunteering at prisons
Fashion Icon (s) and Why:
I like dancer-type choreographers.  I like Solange, Beyonce, Teyana Taylor, and Rihanna, definitely.  However, I don’t dress like them.  I love funky prints, mixing and matching, non-conventional sort of things.  I like the classy look but I wouldn’t wear that on a normal basis.  I use them as inspiration but my icons are those that I believe that I can emulate.
Favorite Designer(s)/ Store(s) and Why:
I love H &M; they have a lot of unique pieces that even though they are expensive—like ridiculous ($38 for a t-shirt).   I like clean prints but no slogans-no, no, no.  I like ruffles.  H & M has things for everyone; it is very timeless.  To me, I can get more wear out of H & M clothes then say Forever 21.  I love Zara too!  It is higher quality than H & M and they have unique pieces, like this deep orange ‘ruffle-ly’ shirt and it flowed.’
Favorite Fashion Accessory: 
My favorite fashion accessory was this Bow chain that I bought from Aldo in June of last year.  And I broke it!  It was a simple gold chain with a black bow.  I loved it.  I love statement pieces.  But, I have this ring that I received in high school—it was wooden and had a zebra design and it was made in Africa. 
Biggest Fashion Mistake You’ve Made or A lot of women make:  The biggest fashion mistake I have made is that I used to wear ensembles that did not complement figure.  Women need to understand that not everything looks good on them; there is a size that works for you.  I know that things that are tighter at the top and flow at the bottom are good for me.  Find your niche and be confident in it.  Don’t follow fads because fads do not look good on everyone.  I hate tight, tight, short shirts and leggings!  It’s either loose at the top or fit at the bottom and vice versa.
Fashion Tip To Other Girls:  Find statement pieces.  Don’t go to the store and succumb to styles.  Find your own variation and make it unique.  Make people remember you by something they have never seen before.  There are so many different ways to make something unique.