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@PiPhi_inLibrary: Pi Phi in the Library — Comedic Relief

Major: Politics
Class Year: This is a really vaguely-worded question. I guess i dont really have one? Idk I don’t really know how to answer this. LOL.
Residential College: Eating Club / Sorority / Extracurricular Activities: Generally Ivy. Sometimes Cottage, sometimes other ones. Idk, a lot of times it depends on my mood. Pi Phi, obviously. It’s my name. And my extracurriculars include: Circle of Women, the Projects Board, Fashion Speaks, and recently powderpuff football! LOL

Her Campus Princeton: If you had to choose one Princeton moment as the sole descriptor of your experience thus far, what would it be?
PiPhi in Library: Ivy initiations. It was a great bonding experience with my girls, and it was awesome to see everyone naked! LOL.Though, my BAC reached 0.38, which apparently is deadly? But like idk I don’t really remember much of it. That’s probably why it was so fun. As a rule of thumb, I generally have the most fun when I dont remember it. Luckily Mel Bel and I take more than enough drunk photos to document the best nights!!

HCP: So if you had to choose between….Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer
@PiPhi_inLibrary: YES! BOTH!

HCP: Kappa or Theta
@PiPhi_inLibrary: Kappa or Theta what? …also Kappa? LOL.

HCP: @PrincetonBro or @PrnctonProblems
@PiPhi_inLibrary: @PrincetonBro. Those tweets are LITERALLY the best things I’ve ever read. LOL.

HCP: How, in any way, has life at Princeton surprised you?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I did NOT think being a politics major would be so hard! For some classes, I print out all the readings like three times, and I still don’t get a good grade. I don’t understand it. Also, the squirrels are so weird and aggressive, lol. I hate squirrels.

HCP: What inspired the birth of PiPhi _inLibrary?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I wanted to make a twitter account for myself, so I did. LOL.

HCP: Which are your favorite (possibly Princeton or Ivy-related) Twitter accounts that you follow?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I really like @Horse_ebooks. LOL all those tweets are just so random and out of context. It’s SO great. LOL. OMG, also, those tweets are literally THE BEST thing to read when you’re drunk.

HCP: Are you, indeed, a Pi Phi or simply masquerading as one?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: Umm, I’m as real as my boobs will be at age 50. Real firm and youthful.

HCP: The idea of Princeton’s social atmosphere differs depending on the student, yet there have been a lot of sentiments about Princeton promoting an exclusive atmosphere, and that Greek life perpetuates the sense of social inequality on campus. How important are your Greek affiliations to your social life and how important do you see Greek life to be on campus?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I was really surprised by how average and middle class everything was here. I’m from Greenwich, CT, so Princeton was like a pretty drastic culture shock for me. I felt kinda left out. My freshmen year roommates were from like Queens, and Suburban Maryland, and idk, like, Houston. They were sweet, but, like, we couldn’t connect AT ALL. LOL.

I think Pi Phi definitely softened the blow of the culture shock by providing me, and others like me, with a place to just be ourselves (well…not all were like #me…LOL…but whatev). It allowed me to retain the same sense of self I had before coming to Princeton, which otherwise might have become like, idk, more “culturally-aware” or whatever, Protestant-God forbid! LOL.

Also, I like the fact that my friends are predetermined for me the second week of school. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having to make friends on my own with people who might not be able to relate to me.

And I don’t know, it might promote exclusivity and elitism, but isn’t that the point? I don’t think that’s bad. I think it’s healthy.

HCP: Will there ever be a grand reveal of the mastermind of PiPhi in Library?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I don’t know what that means. LOL.

HCP: What do you think comes next (post graduation) for you?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: Obviously, I plan on going into consulting at McKinsey. My daddy is senior VP there.

For a while, I was thinking of, like, taking a risk and being a bit more creative and adventurous by doing a finance certificate, and going into i-banking, but it’s just not me, you know? (OMG ECO 310 is SO HARD!!! LOL) And like, I figure, if I have the consultant genes from my daddy, then obviously, like Darwinism and natural selection, my genes are just more fit for consulting. Idk I’m a politics major I dont know much about biology LOL. I really do believe that people’s positions in life are predetermined though.

HCP: Who is your favorite Princeton alum?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: Lauren Bush. OMG did you hear she’s marrying Ralph Lauren’s son?
{Editor’s Note: Indeed we heard this. In fact, they’ve been married for quite some time.}

HCP: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at Princeton?
@PiPhi_inLibrary: I guess, just like, the real world is not Greenwich. There are places in the world, like Princeton, that are pretty rugged, and like, I’ve learned that you can still have lot of fun in those places! I definitely think coming to Princeton has helped prepare me for the real world, and I’m thankful for that.  

Ajibike Lapite is a member of Princeton University’s Class of 2014. When not studying, Ajibike tutors at the Young Scholar’s Institute in Trenton, NJ; serves as the President  of the Princeton Premedical Society; is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Princeton; currently holds the title of Most Stylish Undergraduate (from Stylitics). Ajibike is a  molecular biology major with a certificate in global health & policy. She enjoys consumption of vanilla ice cream and sweet tea, watching games of criquet, exploring libraries, lusting after Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, watching far too much television, editing her novel, staying watch at the mailbox, playing tennis and golf in imitation of the pros, hanging out with the best friends she’s ever had, baking cookies that aren’t always awesome, being Novak Djokovic’s fan girl, and sleeping—whenever and wherever she can.
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