Patricia: "I want to be healthy, but..."

There’s always a “but." Imagine if you got rid of that little 3-letter word and just said, "I want to be healthy." Now that I can work with. 

People are always so scared in the beginning. They are afraid that they’re going to make a fool of themselves at whatever they try taking up. They want to run but they haven’t run in years and think that all the pedestrians and cars will be staring at them. They want to weight-lift but don’t want to approach the “macho" guys at the gym because they’re afraid of looking weak. They want to do yoga but don’t want to reveal that they are wholly incapable of touching their toes. 

Well, guess what? Everyone—- EVERYONE —- needs to start somewhere. The guy running sub-20 minute 5Ks wasn’t just born doing that. He trained, he sweated, and he worked until he got there. Nothing comes easy in this world but it is all a matter of how much you want it. I didn’t start out as a weightlifter and for the longest time, I felt like the weird, out-of-place girl in the gym who didn’t know how to lift anything.

News flash: The other people that you think are staring at you either a) don’t care or b) are mentally giving you props because you got off your bed that day, you put on your shoes, and you went to the gym. 

Always remember: Every. Little. Step. Counts. Maybe you were too tired to run but instead you made sure to eat clean. Maybe you were too busy to lift but you did some yoga in your room.

Everyone starts from somewhere. If you did something (ANYTHING) that brings you closer to a healthy lifestyle, give yourself a pat on the back because you, my friend, are already winning.