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Patricia: Gnu Foods Flavor&Fiber Blueberry Cobbler Bar

“Like a Blueberry Pop Tart, only healthy!” Ok, not so much. Don’t get TOO excited by their (admittedly) catchy punchline! 

Packaging: 7.0/10

This bar is one of those products that anyone aside from the healthiest of eaters would see and dismiss as being “too healthy.” It just looks SO healthy from far away. Fiber is advertised ALL over the wrapper and there’s even a cow on the front of the package. It doesn’t get much more healthy-looking than that, in my opinion. However, it is a little surprising that the ingredient list is so long…. seeing as the wrapper says “No Artificial Anything” and “Entirely Natural.” 

Healthy? 7.5/10

There is a TON of fiber in this bar. 12 g of dietary fiber will ensure that you have plenty of fiber in your system and the 32 g of carbohydrates will give you some quick energy. However, the protein content is sadly lacking with only 3 g and there is a relatively high amount of sugar (10 g) in the bar as well. If you were terribly deficient in fiber and only desire a quick burst of energy, this bar would be perfect for you to munch on (only if you don’t mind the taste though). 

Flavor: 6.5/10

Definitely edible but unfortunately not something I would look forward to eating. As advertised, the bar is definitely very chewy but only vaguely tastes like blueberry. As an avid fruit lover, the lack of real blueberry flavor disappointed me a lot. 


Do not recommend. I’m sorry Gnu but this flavor of Flavor&Fiber simply is not tasty enough for me to give it a thumbs up. At a hefty $2 per bar, I think you will probably get more bang for your buck with a Clif bar or a Larabar (though those also contain more sugar). Perhaps one of the other flavors will convince me otherwise…….

Disclaimer: Gnu Foods  is one of the top spots for snacks that are low on ingredients but high on taste. Materials refered in the article were sent to Jay as a gift, all opinions are her own.

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