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Opinion: Love doesn’t make the world go round…


… the sun’s gravitational pull takes care of that!
For once, I wish the world didn’t revolve around love. I wish the radio didn’t play song after song about someone’s broken heart. Okay, I get it! Love can be awesome, love can suck, love can be scary–ahh shutup!! 
It just seems like love is so over-prevalent!
Just to preface: I am not heartless, broken hearted, or lonely. No one left me at the
altar, and no I am not afraid of being an old spinster (mostly cause I’m neither old
nor a spinster). I just am left perplexed by the fact that so many industries today
revolve around this ‘feeling’ of love.
Honestly. I think it’s a sickness. (Yup, you heard it here first.) Sadly
even intellectuals have caught the bug. The other day I asked my good
sensible ‘Princetonian’ friend: “If you had to choose, would you choose a smashing
career or love/marriage and no career…” I still can’t believe she choose love.
Hey! My heart beats just like yours—but please tell me you think that there is more
meaning to this life then finding someone who makes your heart go “putter putter.”
After all love is simply a word, a phrase, a moment… (eish I hear booing from the
peanut gallery. Okay okay, and sometimes it lasts a lifetime, but that’s not the point!)
As intellectual—and fashionable—women living in these modern times we should
cease acting like finding a husband is the sole aim and purpose of our lives! What
about making an impact? What about influencing those around us to do some
positive good? What about enhancing our worldview? Ladies we need to get our
priorities straight! Love is great, but your mama did not give birth to you so you
could warm some guys bed at night. She, like all mamas do—thought you could
change the world.
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