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Meet Her Campus Princeton Summer Slimdown Blogger: Tori!

Freshman year has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s over! Although it’s been a unique experience, I’ve done everything stereotypical of freshman year. I’ve tried new classes and new things, made great friends, made some acquaintances, lost myself, found myself, and of course gained the infamous Freshman 15.  I promised myself it wouldn’t happen to me – that I would be really conscious about what I ate. But somewhere between getting my extra fill of the normal staples of “home” when I was back in the south on break, munching on the care packages, sneaking in that late meal snack, and the 3 o’clockin the morning run to Studio ’34, it happened. So here I am, a rising sophomore with a year’s worth of knowledge and memories, but also unhealthy habits.

But freshman year also left me with inspiration. I’ve learned that being healthy in college means getting creative. You have to be creative with your workout because if you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to make time for it. You have to be creative with your food choices because the salad bar can only be satisfying so many times.   Finally, you have to be creative with your mindset because you are only responsible for yourself. (If I had lost half an ounce for every time I talked myself out of eating an apple in favor of a cookie or convinced myself that I would go to the gym…later, then I would not need to write this blog.)

So, I’m looking forward to using the summer to focus on me – exploring new workouts in my goal to becoming a group fitness instructor, spending some time in the kitchen testing quick recipes, and calming my crazy mind. I just want to feel healthy again and maybe lose a couple pounds in the process. The best part is that I’ll be taking physics classes at the University of South Carolina (oh the joys of being a Molecular Biology major), so I’ll still be in a similar environment with the same temptations, but with more time to focus on my health.  With any luck, with what I learn this summer I’ll take back to Princeton with me and be energized to take on next year at a whole new level! Let’s do this y’all!

Peace and love,


Tori Rinker is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC (Lake Norman area if you're familiar with North Carolina geography). As a southern girl she enjoys sweet tea, front porches, and peaches. She is an intended Molecular Biology major and hopes to pursue a certificate in Values and Public Life. She is looking forward to her first collaboration with HerCampus with the HerCampus Princeton Summer Slimdown Challenge!
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