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Meet Her Campus Princeton Summer Slimdown Blogger: Farrah

Hey there! Thanks so much for coming to my blog. My name is Farrah and I weight about 25 pounds heavier than I did my freshman year of college. I am a junior at Princeton in the Woodrow Wilson School studying Global Health and Health Policy and Environment Studies. For the next 8 weeks, I hope to not only lose that dreaded Freshmen 15 but gain back the confidence and security I had in my body. 

I’m not aiming for a number, but rather the ability to stop thinking about how much my thighs touch each other or whether or not the dress I buy will not reveal any back fat. Before starting college, I was a varsity lacrosse player. In fact, I was planning to play at the collegiate level, but decided to pursue academics and new things in college so I decided to decline athletic scholarships to come to Princeton. As a student who was always running around both on and off the field, I never really stopped to think what and how much I was eating because I burned it off during practice or games anyways. Throughout high school I fluctuated between 110-115 pounds without making any effort. Doesn’t that sound like the life? 

Coming from the south, I have to admit I cannot resist fried foods and decadent desserts—so not only could I stay at a healthy weight and be in good physical shape…I could also eat without a second thought. But then college happened. I honestly don’t know how it happened. In fact, I feel like college goes by so quickly I didn’t realize how much weight I was gaining until I could barely button my jeans during wintertime and had to buy new shirts that hugged my stomach. Since then, it’s been a constant struggle with the number on the scale and the constant discouragement from one diet to the next. I’ll be sharing about my experiences while I try to learn to gain more confidence in my body and a healthier view of eating, dieting and exercising. For the next two months, I’ll be sharing more about what I am up to–from exercise to eating. Check back soon!!

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