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Made for a Collegiette: Rue 107

Welcome to the newest Her Campus Princeton column: Made for a Collegiette. On a regular basis, we will feature a brand, product, or our current obsession. We hope that you Princetonettes will find the featured products, obsession, and brands not only fantastic but utterly desirable. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

Her Campus Princeton Meets Rue 107
When most people think about Princeton women, they envision a style that is a cross between Southern Belle elegance and New England prep. Of course, this belief is not a hundred percent off base. Many Princetonettes traverse campus with pearls and heels (we’re not sure how they navigate Shapiro Walk that way). However, there are certainly those of us on campus who love to rock eclectic pieces that are eye-catching in all the best ways. For those of us who are interested in pieces that we are different from what everyone else is wearing, Rue 107 is for you.

Our Favorite Rue 107 Pieces
Here are a couple of Rue 107 pieces that we think absolutely fantastic but do not have extensive reviews for.

The Keri Dress ($90)

The Emerald Amy Dress ($65)

B & W Fifi Tank ($40)

What We Think

The Peachy Leotard ($60)

The Minty Leotard ($60)

The Minty and Peachy Leotards are both staple pieces that even the most conservative of Princetonians can throw into her wardrobe. The leotards are great pieces to go with denim (shorts or jeans) that are traditionally colored or even bright. Our recommendation is a pairing of the leotards with your most fun skirts.

The Blue Jason Top ($60)

In its new collection, Rue 107 succeeds in mixing retro styles with a ‘new world attitude!’ From dresses to body suits, and everything in between, Rue 107 mingles sexy vintage styles with bold colors to make any girl stand out from the crowd. Unique, vibrant, yet classy—Rue 107 is bringing fashion to another level! This top is exciting, form fitting, and great for every body type. It truly does emphasize a girl’s curves.

The Pink LaLa Dress ($110)

It’s the perfect season to try something new, something fun, so why not Rue 107? I love its bold colors and patterns. For this dress, I wore a lace top over it during the day, making the outfit more appropriate for daytime activities. For the night out in the city, I simply took off the layer and wore matching heels to go with the dress. I liked its versatility a lot. Matching shoes and accessories is also easy since you can choose from any color schemes including pink, orange, yellow, green, and black. The dress is completely formfitting, so you might want to be aware of that after you eat.  

The FiFi Dress ($95)

From first glance, the colors look too loud to look good on anyone, but we’re here to assure you that this isn’t the case. The FifI dress is a flattering fit and the colors are bold (certainly more delightful on than off). This is certainly one of our favorite pieces.

Let us know what you love about Rue 107 or what you don’t love (is there anything?).

Interested in connecting with Rue 107?
Website: http://rue107.com/rue107/index.php
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rue107
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/rue107

Ajibike Lapite is a member of Princeton University’s Class of 2014. When not studying, Ajibike tutors at the Young Scholar’s Institute in Trenton, NJ; serves as the President  of the Princeton Premedical Society; is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Princeton; currently holds the title of Most Stylish Undergraduate (from Stylitics). Ajibike is a  molecular biology major with a certificate in global health & policy. She enjoys consumption of vanilla ice cream and sweet tea, watching games of criquet, exploring libraries, lusting after Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, watching far too much television, editing her novel, staying watch at the mailbox, playing tennis and golf in imitation of the pros, hanging out with the best friends she’s ever had, baking cookies that aren’t always awesome, being Novak Djokovic’s fan girl, and sleeping—whenever and wherever she can.
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