A Late Meal “Recipe”

I have great news. I am FINALLY done with my summer classes. After two months of grueling work, I’m done. Besides the physics that I learned, I brought back with me an expert understanding of the coffee shops around Columbia, SC. Of the three that I used to killed time between classes, my favorite would have to be a quaint place called Immaculate Consumption. It has a great coffee shop vibe – the aged wooden floors, the sound of the coffee grinder, and of course the smell of coffee. Its quirk is that instead of chairs or couches, the seating is made out of old church pews.  

What really made Immaculate Consumption my favorite was its food. More specifically, I loved a particular sandwich – the Veggie and Brie. Their menu describes it simply as, “All the veggies topped with brie and honey mustard.” It was dare I say it, heavenly.  The brie was creamy, the honey mustard was simultaneously a little sweet and a little tangy, and the veggies kept it fresh.

However, after finishing the sandwich I fell even more in love with it. I realized that a version of the sandwich could be recreated at late meal; all of the ingredients are at the sandwich counter. So the next time you find yourself at late meal and still have the will power to stick to your health goals, skip the chicken fingers, head to the deli counter, and try to remember this sandwich creation.