It's Your Choice

When I found out that I was doing this blog I wanted to make sure that the focus was not on weight, but on health. That’s why when people asked me about my progress I would respond with, “I’m feeling great!” If they really pushed and asked about me about any potential weight loss, I never used numbers. As we near the end of this journey, I think it’s important to explore the mental health portion of a fitness journey.   

This New York Times article describes “fat talk” as, “the body-denigrating conversation between girls and women.” Unfortunately, I hear it all the time. I hear light-hearted comments about “food babies” to serious comments saying, “I hate it. I’m so fat.”  I hear it from friends at home and at school, and I hear it from myself. But my fat talk usually comes in a different form – an internal form that no one hears. Guilt.

Before this blog, I had the worst guilt. I would beat myself up for missing a workout, for watching a movie over going to the gym, for grabbing one of those delicious cookie bars in the dining hall. I would be continually frustrated with myself for not sticking to my unattainable standards. This usually ended up with me throwing in the towel which only made me feel worse.

While there are always bad days that sneak in, I’ve learned how to change my attitude. I’ve learned how to make healthy choices. I use the words “choose to go” instead of “have to go” when referring to working out. I think “I choose not to order dessert” rather than “I can’t.” I even say “I’m choosing to watch television with my mom over working out” or “I’m choosing to order the key lime pie.” A simple change in perspective does wondering. Please, choose to give yourself a break.  It makes a huge difference.

For more about avoiding fat talk and guilt, check out this page from Operation Beautiful.