Her Campus Princeton Loves Naked Pizza

For the photoshoot that you guys are all waiting to see next week, we had an eco-fashion friendly theme. Of course, when we were considering meal options we wanted to go with something equally green. Enter: Naked Pizza. You may have already noticed that we had a bit of a Naked Pizza love affair going on here at Her Campus Princeton and that is for good reason: they are by far the best pizza option around campus.

Here are some of the models chowing down on Naked Pizza between shots.

Is it necessary for us to spell out all the reasons why we love Naked Pizza? If you aren't already convinced by how yummy the pizza looks in the photos above, just check out their mission statement:

"Don’t laugh—we intend to launch the world’s largest grassroots health movement. We’ll do that by making a delicious, affordable, all-natural pizza and delivering it to your home hot in about 25 minutes. Every time. Still round, still comes in a square box. But also, Naked Pizza is an honest place on the landscape in a 50 billion dollar pizza industry. We’re simply pointing out that all that money spent on pizza and invested in building stores, hiring people, sourcing ingredients, etc., along with the millions of farmers and suppliers and regulators and Oprahs involved along the way— can be mobilized in a better way. To help instead of harm. Really, why not?"

Enough said.