Farrah: Zevia



I love soda. It is my absolute weakness. Zevia was a great alternative to meeting my cravings while cutting out regular soda. They have great flavors with a nice sweetness to it. While I am not a fan of diet sodas because I do not like artificial additives, the taste of Zevia was pretty good. The soda also kept its fizz pretty well which is important because, let’s be honest, who likes flat soda? They also had really interesting flavors, so if you are looking for something different from the average coke or lemon-lime soda, then Zevia is for you.

Disclaimer: Zevia is the answer to your health-conscious prayers. You don't have to cut soda out of your life! Introducing Zevia, the home of zero calorie, guilt free soda. Materials mentioned in the article were sent to Tori as a gift, all opinions are her own.