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Farrah: One Step at a Time

Since my first week, I thought I should try to fit in more more physical exercis…so now I ALWAYS take the stairs (keep in mind, I live on the third floor) and I carry as many groceries home as possible–nice arm workout!–instead of opting for a grocery delivery service.  This past weekend, I chose to stay active in the park rather than staying in and watching Netflix. 


In terms of eating, I have tried to avoid eating late at night past 8PM. I have a bad habit of overeating especially at night…so I am practicing some self control. I also try to start and end my day with green tea, which is a great way to relax and also boost your metabolism. I am taking baby steps and hoping it will all pay off!

I also found a great Groupon deal for CrossFit classes, so I decided I would blog about that when I am home in a month. I have tried CrossFit once and LOVED it–it’s super intense but workouts last under an hour…even though you feel like you’ve worked out for hours the next day. And since it’s high intensity, it is also fat-burning and muscle/endurance building, which are crucial for maintain a healthy lifestyle. Will keep you guys updated!

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