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Christmas Shopping Guide: Princeton Pride Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Princeton chapter.

The holidays are swiftly approaching. You know what that means. We can take leave of campus, drink mugs of hot chocolate, and participate in gift exchanges. Wonderful! For those of you who have placed gift shopping on the backburner, this article is for you. 

Bright Orange & Black from Lillybee ($48): It’s hard to find excellent orange-and-black clothing that doesn’t reek of Halloween. For your friend who bleeds orange and black, these shoes are perfect. These shoes are classic and quintessential Princeton. 

V-Neck from IvySport ($8): Your friend has scores of Princeton shirts that are great for the gym but few things else. If this v-neck isn’t what you’re looking for, IvySport has a plethora of Princeton items such as hats, sweatshirts, shirts, and formal attire. 

Princeton Ribbed Socks from Hillflint ($24): Cozy and subtle these socks are a great addition to your friend’s collection of Princeton gear. 

If you are looking for more Princeton gear we recommend Meesh & Mia, JP Crickets, and League 91

Have any ideas for a gift for your friend who bleeds orange? Share them in the comment box below!

Ajibike Lapite is a member of Princeton University’s Class of 2014. When not studying, Ajibike tutors at the Young Scholar’s Institute in Trenton, NJ; serves as the President  of the Princeton Premedical Society; is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Princeton; currently holds the title of Most Stylish Undergraduate (from Stylitics). Ajibike is a  molecular biology major with a certificate in global health & policy. She enjoys consumption of vanilla ice cream and sweet tea, watching games of criquet, exploring libraries, lusting after Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, watching far too much television, editing her novel, staying watch at the mailbox, playing tennis and golf in imitation of the pros, hanging out with the best friends she’s ever had, baking cookies that aren’t always awesome, being Novak Djokovic’s fan girl, and sleeping—whenever and wherever she can.