The Best Classes at Princeton, Part IV

Name: Linnea
Year: 2014
Major: Slavic Languages and Literatures
What is the best class you've taken at Princeton? Who taught it?
SLA 220 with Professor Ellen Chances!
Why did you like this class so much?
What's not to like? You get to read some of the greatest novels of Russian literature - and arguably of all time - while being taught by one of the most passionate, quirky, loveable professors on campus. Professor Chances is really open to the ideas of her students and also truly cares about their wellbeing and happiness as well.
Was this class for your major or certificate program?
For both, actually!
Did this influence your academic plan in any way?
It had already been decided, but it made me love Russian litearature even more.
Any advice for the next round of students in this class?
Some of my best academic memories of last year played themselves out on the rainy May days I got to spend with Tolstoy and Nobokov as I wrote my final paper for SLA will not regret taking this class!