The Best Classes at Princeton, Part II

As a freshman, I had no idea what classes to take out of the hundreds offered on the registrar's page each semester. This "Best Classes at Princeton" project aims to highlight some of the most interesting courses junior and senior collegiettes have taken at Princeton. If you'd like to advertise your favorite class, email me at [email protected]!

Name:  Carra
Year: 2014
Major: Politics
What is the best class you've taken at Princeton? Who taught it?
The best class I've taken here is probably Politics in Latin America with Deborah Yashar.
Why did you like this class so much?
I was a sophomore, so it was a challenging class, both in terms of reading and writing requirements, but it was well worth the push. I learned how to write efficiently and effectively, and I also developed a good relationship with the Professor, who later impacted my independent work and course choices. She is famous in the field that I want to go in to, which is Politics in Latin America, essentially.
Was this class for your major or certificate program?
This class did count towards my Politics major, and my Latin American Studies certificate, yes. But I did not know I would be in either of those departments at the time.
Did this influence your academic plan in any way?
This class really influenced the direction of my independent work. It presented a lot of fundamental material that is required for understanding Latin America and politics throughout the world. It gave me a lot of ideas about what I could pursue academically, and also professionally after graduation.
Any advice for the next round of students in this class?
Don't do all the readings yourself. The point of the class is to learn how to be efficient with your time, so splitting up the weekly readings with a friend or two and then swapping notes is the best way to approach the material.