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Best Black Friday Sales

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Princeton chapter.

Black Friday is here and Her Campus Princeton has you covered with the best online sales. No need to sucker punch your fellow collegiate in order to get what you want. If you stumble upon a sale that we don’t have listed, share with us in the comment box below.

Alloy: FREE30 for 30% discount and Free Shipping. 
Ann Taylor: ANNTHANKS for 50% discount. 
Anthropologie: 20% discount (site wide).
ASOS: GIMME20 for 20% discount.
A.V. Max Accessories: TAKE30 for 30%discount.
Banana Republic: BRGIVING for 40% discount. 
Bebe: SEXYBLACK for 30% discount. 
Bow Tie Co: BlackBow for 25% discount. 
Boy Meets Girl: THANKS for 40%discount. 
C. Wonder: GIFTS30 for 30% discount and Free Shipping. 
Deb: 40% discount (site wide).
Delan Boutique: THANKS for 25% discount. 
Design Darling: THANKS for 20% discount. 
Fashion to Figure: THANKSGIVING for 25%discount. 
Femme Jolie: SHOPSMALL30 for 30% discount.
French Connection: W13COUPON for 30%discount. 
Hattan Home: HATTANHOLIDAY for 20% discount.
J. Crew: HOLIDAY for 30% discount.
J. Crew Factory: HOLIDAY50 for 50% discount. 
Jenny Bevlin: JBHOLIDAY for 20% discount. 
Kisstixx: BFRIDAY for 3 packs for $6.
L. Mae Boutique: SHOPBLK for 35% discount.
Loft: ENJOY for 40% discount.
Lo and Sons: THANKSGIVINGSALE2013 for 30%discount. 
May Designs: 50% discount (site wide).
Modcloth: 50% discount (site wide). 
MOGAN: BLACKFRI50 for 50% discount. 
Must Have Shoes: 40% discount (site wide). 
PacSun: 50% discount (site wide). 
Rainbrooke: FRIDAY for 15% discount.
Rent the Runway: RTR2013 for 20% discount. 
Ritual Wellness: BlackFri2013 for 20% discount on 3-day cleanses. 
Ruche: 20% discount (site wide). 
Social Butterfly House: SBHBF50 for50% discount.
Shop Dandy: BLACK for Free Shipping.
Sweet on Hearts: BLACKFRIDAY for15% discount.
Tipsy Skipper: THANKSGIVING for 10% discount. 
The Impeccable Pig: BLACKFRIDAY for 20% discount.
Tobi: FOODCOM50 for 50% discount (site wide) 
Ajibike Lapite is a member of Princeton University’s Class of 2014. When not studying, Ajibike tutors at the Young Scholar’s Institute in Trenton, NJ; serves as the President  of the Princeton Premedical Society; is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Princeton; currently holds the title of Most Stylish Undergraduate (from Stylitics). Ajibike is a  molecular biology major with a certificate in global health & policy. She enjoys consumption of vanilla ice cream and sweet tea, watching games of criquet, exploring libraries, lusting after Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, watching far too much television, editing her novel, staying watch at the mailbox, playing tennis and golf in imitation of the pros, hanging out with the best friends she’s ever had, baking cookies that aren’t always awesome, being Novak Djokovic’s fan girl, and sleeping—whenever and wherever she can.