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I haven’t been homesick often. With not living at home for nine months of the year, it’s become easier for me to simply “wait” to go home. And with the extensive traveling I’ve done every summer, I’ve accustomed myself to being content with hearing my mom’s voice on the phone or seeing my sisters on Skype. 
But there are times when I do feel a strong pang of homesickness. It’s usually brought about by something my mom will say to me over Facebook chat, or just seeing a picture of my family that I absolutely love. And those times are hard. I’m reminded of how little I actually see my family, and it saddens me. To think, I’m 20 years old, and I have seen my family for probably less than six months total for the past three years. What all have I missed? Many birthdays and concerts and games; smiles and hugs and kisses. And my little sister Rebecca is graduating high school and will be going to Johns Hopkins in the fall. 
To combat this homesickness, I have to tell myself that I will be there for the really important things: I am going home in time to see Rebecca graduate and I’ll stay the whole summer at home with my mom, dad, and sisters. Like it used to be before mom and I started going to Brasil and before I became insane and took summer classes abroad. This summer will be great. I plan on doing lots of fun things with my sisters… perhaps a road trip (that is, if I have made enough money by then) or something memorable that we can share together. I get through the low points of being homesick with planning for the future. 
Overall, I am so lucky to have such a supportive family. I can’t wait to spend my summer at home. And that is what keeps the homesickness away.
Katrina is a philosophy major at Princeton University with minors in Arabic and Near Eastern Studies. She recently studied abroad at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, but is back and ready to rock her senior year! Apart from academic advising, she's really into foreign relations, so check out her writing over at International Relations Online and the Princeton Progressive Nation.
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