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Beer, Books and Boys

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Her Campus Princeton readers reveal all!
Oh, how the tables have turned. Instead of churning out crowd-pleasing articles weekly for you, devoted HCP reader, we want you to share with us your most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, giggle-fit-inducing personal stories! Each month, HCP will ask you to submit a story relevant to whatever prompt or topic we propose. Your response can be lachrymose and mushy, critical and wise, tragic and comic or raw and uncensored. The limit is a maximum of 750 words (you very well know we have reading of our own so please no more than that) and the deadline is the last Thursday of every academic month. Her Campus Princeton will then select a story to post (anonymously, if specified) on the HCP homepage and you will have either won a prize that will be the envy of all the maidens in the land or the sense of satisfaction we all feel when we share our stories.
Now for the first installment in Beers, Books and Boys:
Her Campus Princeton wants to you to submit a story about your most definitive experience on “the Street.” Humiliating, hilarious, horrible…hot? We don’t much care so long as it’s relevant to eating club nightlife. Remember the guidelines above and if you have any questions, direct them to ajibikelapite@hercampus.com. Good luck, Collegiettes! 

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