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What to Watch on Netflix Based on your Mood

We all know that feeling: you open up Netflix and find you’re not in the mood for anything. Your current shows and movies, your ever-growing watchlist, and Netflix’s genre lists all fail to provide answers. Luckily, it can be easier to find something to watch if you base it on your current mood! Here are some suggestions for different emotional states.


Lion (2016)

This film portrays the story of a man who was separated from his family as a boy, focusing on his journey to reunite with them after being adopted by a new family. Sometimes we just need a good cry, and this heart-wrenching and an inspiring film will surely do the trick.


The Good Place 

Maybe you don’t want to cry, but instead, need a distraction from your misery. This show, with its unique premise of an ill-behaved woman being sent to heaven accidentally, will have you laughing in no time. Plus, the twist at the end of season 1 will keep you thinking long enough to drown out the sorrow!



Meru (2015)

Ok, so it’s kind of a given that you’re bored if you can’t find something to watch. However, if you’re especially bored, this exciting documentary on a group’s journey to climb Meru Peak will have you on the edge of your seat.


Planet Earth II (2017)

There’s something especially enthralling about the Planet Earth series. Between the excellent cinematography, educational factor, and action-packed sequences, this film about our planet’s wildlife is a great antidote to boredom.



Mulan II (2004)

Yes, that’s right, there’s a sequel! While the original is full of emotion and excitement, the second film is much more lighthearted. The plot, centering around three princesses facing an arranged marriage, is fairly simple and will be easy to fall asleep to. 


Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere (1991)

If you want to watch something without a plot, this is an excellent choice. Listen to Bob Ross’s calming voice, watch him paint gorgeous landscapes, and fall fast asleep.



Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, sometimes you just want to watch a sappy love story. If you enjoyed the animated version of this classic tale, why not give the live-action version of this “tale as old as time” a shot?


Carol (2015)

Watch Carol Aird and Therese Belivet fall in love after meeting in a department store. While the story can be heartbreaking at points, the romance at its center is warm and endearing.



The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Follow a group of lovable animated pets as they wander around New York City. The fast pace and change of scenery will satiate your craving for adventure.


Chef’s Table

Maybe you’re in the mood for culinary adventure. Learn about how many different chefs work and gaze in wonder at their creations. I especially recommend season 2’s opening episode of Grant Achatz.

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