What To Keep In Your Car

When it comes to figuring out what to keep in your car, there's quite a lot of options! When I first started driving, I'm pretty sure I had a cordless vacuum in my car. Necessary? Nope, not at all. To help you from keeping a vacuum, amongst other unnecessary items, in your car, here are some items you should definitely keep with you when you hit the road. 

1. Jumper Cables 

2. Emergency Money 

3. Pen & Paper 

4. Hair ties

5. Lotion

6. Dry Shampoo 

7. Blanket 

8. Tissues 

9. Gum/Mints


10. Granola Bar 

11. Garbage Bags

12. Towel (Of the Paper or Cloth Variety)

13. Insurance & Registration  

14. Car Service Records 

15. Car Charger

16. Reusable Bags 

17. First Aid Kit 

18. Sunscreen 

19. Sunglasses 

20. Car Freshener