The Top 5 Questionable Pinterest Trends

Pinterest (LOVE!), a website modeled after inspiration boards, has taken the online community by storm. While it is stereotypically used as a wedding-planning tool for 20-somethings who might have no intention of getting married, the scope of Pinterest's material is quickly expanding. 
As a junior "pinner," I mainly re-pin other pins and most images are of cute puppies and/or woodland creatures. In my limited experiences, however, I have noticed several emerging Pinterest trends. Bring these trends into real life and fellow pinners will immediately notice; keep some of these trends on Pinterest, and your friends will think you're wacko:  
1. Mason jars

Old-fashioned and rustic, Mason jars have become a hipster staple, popping up in trendy restaurants and in houses of avid PBR drinkers. On Pinterest, however, Mason jars have been converted into light fixtures, terrariums, and lanterns. Most notably, they are pinned to wedding boards and are filled with flowers and may possibly be hanging from a tree (adorable!). Center your wedding decor around jars intended for raspberry jam, though, and your guests will know the truth: you're a Pinterest fanatic.

2. Elaborate hair styles

Just last week, I spent around 20 minutes trying to imitate a low, braided bun made of three separate regular braids. Surprisingly, it looked halfway decent! On the other hand, I had about six hair ties holding the braids in and 20 bobby pins keeping those braids in a bun (a bun that--as you can imagine--became very large). It was madness; I opted for a ponytail instead. The fish tail braid has been particularly popular among pinners and in certain cases, I'm not so sure it looks that good. Pinterest hair trends, though, are more difficult to spot in real life. Just last night, I asked a friend with an elaborately braided, looped, pinned, and hair-tied do if she was sporting "Pinterest hair." She said no; it was, in fact, Downton Abbey hair. This is entirely different.