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Ten Things You Will Miss About Your Roomie Over Summer

1. Dance parties at midnight.

There is no better way to destress than dancing out your worries with your BFF.


2. Having a second closet.

There is no need for last minute freak outs and shopping trips to find something to wear because you can look in the drawers right next to yours.


3. Late night food runs.

Fries at midnight just won’t be the same and eating junk food is just not as fun.


4. Gossip days…and nights… and afternoons.

There are always endless stories to be told and never ending gossip and no one who wants to hear it more than your bud.


5. Someone to rant with.

There is no one more equipped to listening to your problems and fighting on your side than her.


6. Having someone who understands your life like no other.

After living in such close quarters there’s about nothing she doesn’t know. From how late you stay up to their most embarrassing moments, biggest fears, and craziest adventures.


7. They understand and accept your mess because they are just as messy.

Your mess becomes her mess and vice versa.


8. Late night chats.

There is nothing like talking late into the night about anything and everything. Suddenly it’s 3am on a Wednesday but it doesn’t matter because you were talking to your BFF.


9, You don’t feel the need to look presentable all the time.

Messy hair, t-shirts, sweatpants…no pants…anything is acceptable.


10. Cuddle parties every day.

It’s the way you start the day and the way you end the day and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Hello! I am an Elementary Education major at the University of Portland. I love writing, the outdoors, swimming, reading, drinking tea, and watching movies. I am a firm believer that to live a successful life you must do what makes you happy. :)
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