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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

Now that the weather has gotten nicer, and a sense of adventure is up in the air, you might find yourself wanting to go out and explore the cool places near the University of Portland. Here are five places I think are pretty cool, and you probably will too. 

Held every spring in Woodburn Oregon, the Tulip Festival is sight to behold. Full of exciting activities such as a hay wagon ride, tulip market, wooden shoemaking, and lot’s of food, it is the perfect place to take selfies and have fun with your friends. And if you are 21 years or older, they even have a Wine Wagon Tour.

You can find more information on their website: https://www.woodenshoe.com/events/tulip-fest/activities/


Located in the Columbia Gorge region, Multnomah Falls not only offers magnificent views but an invigorating paved trail. Make sure to take a sweater even during warmer weather because the mist from the falls can be a little chilly.

You can find more on here: http://www.oregon.com/attractions/multnomah_falls


Picture taken from Expedia

The Portland Japanese Garden, offers a relaxing and beautiful experience. Walking through the paths, you will get a chance to see the Tea Garden, the Sand and Stone Garden and Koi fish. Sometimes there are even cultural demonstrations.

To find out more visit their sight: https://japanesegarden.org/cultural-demonstrations/


Picture taken from : https://www.powells.com

In case that you feel like staying inside or that it is raining, because it is Portland afterall, you might want to visit a wonderful world of books: Powell’s Bookstore. It is very easy to get lost between the shelves of books or in books themselves. There is even a cafe inside for when you find the perfect book.

Here is their website: https://www.powells.com


Located in Washington, just north of our lovely state, you can find Mt. Rainier. It is an active volcano which stands at 14,410 feet above seat level (nps.gov). This beautiful place offers the opportunity for not only hiking, but also for camping (the camping will require a permit).

To find more information on permits and everything else visit: https://www.nps.gov/mora/planyourvisit/wilderness-camping-and-hiking.htm


All in all, springtime is a beautiful time that brings with it, not only flowers and showers, but the opportunity for exploration. Remember, “adventure is out there!”

College student who loves to write, enjoys spicy snacks and likes making new friends!