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Spooky Shows to Watch in October

As crazy as it sounds, October is almost halfway over, which means Halloween is growing nearer by the second. So take a break from your midterm studying and relax with Halloween classics and top hits alike, all available on Netflix.

1. Corpse Bride (2005)

When a shy groom practices his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.


2. The Haunting Hour (2010)

R.L. Stine leads young viewers on a creepy tour of tales featuring life-sized dolls, werewolves and carnival clowns that are stalking children.


3. The Addam’s Family (1991)

Con artists plan to fleece an eccentric family using an accomplice who claims to be their long-lost uncle.


4. American Horror Story: Coven (2013)

After discovering her unique bloodline, a young girl is whisked away to a special academy for girls who share the same lineage.


5. Hellevator (2015)

Contestants form a 3-person team to take on 3 horror-themed challenges. Contestants that complete the solo challenges move on to the final labyrinth challenge as a team for a chance to win some more bonus cash.


6. The Babadook (2014)

A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.


7. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids.


8. Goosebumps (1995)

A series of horror anthology stories based on the children’s books by R.L. Stine.


9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)

A young woman, destined to slay vampires, demons and other infernal creatures, deals with her

life fighting evil, with the help of her friends.


10. Bonus!

The Lizzie McGuire Day of the Dead episode, where a Halloween party at school turns horiffic. 


*Descriptions courtesy of IMDB

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