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The Six Essential Pieces to Make Your Internship

Right before school started in August, I got the internship of my dreams with the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Team. I was so ecstatic that it took me a few days to realize that I had no idea what to wear. I work in a predominately male office where “business casual,” which means absolutely nothing to me, is the norm. Needless to say, figuring out what to wear for my first week at the office was my number one priority. After a trip to Forever 21 and H&M, here are my six essential pieces of clothing that saved my life for my first real life job.

• The Pencil Skirt
I cannot stress the awesome powers of the pencil skirt enough. I bought two, in neutral beige and classic black. These skirts actually go with any shirt. Especially when I’m running short on time, I love pairing a simple tank top or V-neck with the pencil skirt. The possibilities are endless.

• The Cardigan
This is another wardrobe classic because cardigans can go well with any outfit. It’s ideal to have a few nicer cardigans that you can use to dress up any office-wear. But, I think the standard black cardigan is one of the best investments any girl who works in an office can make.

• Slacks
Another classic, but so far, I’m not super impressed. I would prefer to wear a pencil skirt everyday, but there are some days that I just need to wear pants. For those days, you have your nice slacks. I have dark gray slacks to add a little mystery to my closet, just so I don’t have to wear black everyday. A pair of nice slacks goes amazing with the aforementioned cardigan and a tank top or a nice blouse.

• The Button-Up
The Button-Up shirt goes amazing with any style of bottom, be it slacks or a pencil skirt. They look great tucked in, but I paired an unbuttoned, untucked Button-Up shirt with a black bodycon (or going-out) skirt, a tank top and some flats and it was a more casual, but still professional enough to wear at the office.

• The Nice Tanktop
This is a great piece to go under any cardigan, with a skirt or slacks. I like to rotate some of my tank tops that I wear when I go out into my professional repertoire and wear them with a light blazer if it’s warm out, or with a cardigan and a scarf.

• Flats
FLATS ARE THE GREATEST THING EVER. Seriously, if I ever tried to wear heels to the office, I would die. I have to walk around so much that my feet would turn into bloody nubs, and no one wants that. My simple black Steve Madden flats continue to save my life on a daily basis. If you have an internship, and you are a wise female, you will invest in a quality pair of flats that fit you right.



What were your essential pieces for your internship or job? What else would you suggest to create a “business casual” fashion statement at the office? Sound off in the comment section below! Or let us know your favorite shops/websites to shop for business casual clothing without breaking the bank!

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