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Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 03/26/2012

MONDAY– Sophisticated Sweaters!

With the first day of spring already behind us, the sweater days are also slowly drawing to a close.  Of course, despite the delicious days of sun recently, there are surely plenty more chilly ones we’ll have to endure before May.  And so this Monday, I bring you an Inspiration of sweet sweaters to help you get the most out of yours before they get put into hibernation for summer!

Outfit #1: Stylish Sweaters!

The lady on the left here offers an interesting blend: pairing a super cuddly and feminine sweater with the casual ruggedness of boyfriend jeans.  The look maintains its chicness with details like dainty ballet flats, a gold statement necklace, and a bold oversized clutch.  The trendy braided hairstyle also suits this particular outfit very well.  On the right, this model has opted for skinnies rather than baggy boyfriend jeans and the result is her funky and eye-catching sweater grabs all the attention.  The slightly shorter length of her pants allow cute shoes to be well exposed too, and feel free to pick basic sneakers for a casual weekend look, or even boots if the weather might be icky.


Outfit #2: Nautical Brights!

Love the hint of nautical in this look!  Combined with the cheery sweater, the result is classic and sweet while the bit of bare leg keeps it from being too reserved.  Neutral boots and a belt compliment the stripes and the sweater well, and if you need an extra layer just grab a white or cream blazer.  If you don’t possess a similarly striped skirt, don’t overlook the option of substituting a dress instead, since the already roomy fit of the sweater easily allows for another layer underneath.


Outfit #3: Spring Sweaters!

Spring seems to have many days where it’s too cold for bare legs yet too warm for a jacket.  This intermediate weather can be tricky to style around, but this model offers one option: the coolness of shorts and the coverage of a sweater.  Tights under shorts have been a trend for the past couple of years, and while I have my own reservations about it (covering your legs destroys the point of wearing shorts in the first place!), I understand that for some, it’s an easy way to get the best of both worlds.  This might be a good route to go with if you want a tad more weather protection, or feel it’s still too early to bare all.  Note the shorts in this outfit are black, which gives it more sophistication than denim.  Add an intricate statement necklace to serve as the focal point of this look, and feel free to sub sandals for stilettos!

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