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Meet Zach Grall ’16!

Meet Zach Grall. He is a freshman here at the University of Portland majoring in Business. He is outgoing in his classes, most often the student to raise his hand and have the correct answer to the Professor’s question. More than Zach being an intelligent young man, he is easy to get along with. He has a laid back way of living life. If ever you need Zach, he will be there for you whatever it may be. He has a great smile and loves to laugh (along with a great sense of humor). He believes in absolute fidelity and gets along well with everyone. As far as sports go, Zach enjoys snow skiing most. He is open to meeting new people and as similar to a majority of others, seeks to have the life of his dreams. Aside from schoolwork, he spends time to himself by recording and making Dub step music. And let me just say that after hearing some of his pieces, he really has quite a talent. Once Zach meets a person, he cares about them genuinely. Zach is from Colorado, but is worth taking a look at because he is single and a young bachelor with a big heart. And ladies, let me tell you, a man like that is hard to find. All my UP girls, he’s not too far either, right in Villa or you can send a quick friend request on Facebook. I would also like to mention that life is short and if fear holds you back from meeting someone, get past it because there is only one life to live and meet people. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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