Meet Your 2016-2017 CPB Director: Jacque Nelson

Name: Jacque Nelson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science and Organized Communications

What was your platform when you were running for CPB Director?

Innovation, education, and collaboration. The innovation pillar means that we should be evolving and making our campus traditions different without sacrificing what it actually is. So how do you get someone to go to Dance of the Decades all four years without completely changing the event? That's where we need to be innovative. Education was another important part of my platform. I want to implement more leadership skill development from within the organization. We need to give students the resources they need in order to plan great events. Collaboration is also really key. It's important for CPB to work with other groups on campus so that we can figure out the best way to support the student body together. 

What is the importance of maintaining these traditions? 

I'd like to think that when I'm older, and I take my kids to visit the Bluff, that I'll see that they're still doing Rock the Bluff and I'll be happy that my kids will get to make the same memories that I did. My mom and my uncle went to school here and sometimes they'll mention some of the great events that they had and most of them we don't do anymore. Maintaining traditions helps keep the memories alive. 

What is the university doing to keep these traditions going?

We now have a fund dedicated to making sure we honor these traditions. So when we're older we can still see some familiar events going on.

Are there any old events that you would like to bring back?

My mom talked about a Spring Carnival which sounded pretty cool. Events definitely evolve, so a lot of what my family talks about we actually do but it's in the form of a different event. 

How would you change an event so it's new and fun but still keeps the tradition alive?

I think a big part of an event is when it is and where it is. For example people will always remember that Dance of the Decade happens after winter break at the Crystal Ballroom. So maybe let's not change that but let's have a different kind of DJ, a costume contest, a fashion show, a party before and after, and so on. 

Are there any events you would like to add next year?

I would definitely like to see De-stresstival become more of a campus tradition. We budgeted for a few different events this year but because of that we had to say goodbye to De-stresstival. But I think that event is something that is really unique to the University of Portland, so we should keep it around. 

Are there any other ideas that you have for next year?

I'd like CPB to do something really big for Diversity Dialogue Week. This year we are doing Holi Festival and next year I would like to work with on campus groups like the Black Student Union, Hawaiian Club, or Guam Club. Each year I'd like to help each of these clubs throw a huge event celebrating their culture so that they can share in a way that maybe they've never had the resources to do. 

How is planning events with CPB different than when you planned events in high-school?

At my school we had a very small budget so everything needed to be handmade. In college you have a lot more resources, outreach, and money so that everything is a lot more streamlined. I miss that in high-school everything was crafter by my own hands and I was always so proud to see the hallways or the floats that I decorated. With CPB I plan events at a much larger scale. 

What are you most excited about for Rock the Bluff?

RTB is crazy. We will be in there from 8 AM to set up to 3 AM the next day to tear down. My favorite thing about RTB is that you never know who is going to show up. Last year I got my picture taken with the group Portugal. The Man because they came to see Young the Giant perform. RTB is an interesting environment because it's an event that the most students will come to. It's great to have everyone together enjoying the same thing. There are pre-frosh there experiencing campus for the first time and seniors who are saying goodbye to the campus for the last time. 

What's one takeaway that you would want everyone to know about CPB?

I want people to know that CPB is really easy to get involved with. You can pick how involved you want to be. It's a non-application, open, volunteer based organization. So please feel free to come to a meeting and help out in any way that you would like to!