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Meet Campus Cutie Dominic Lazzaro!

Name: Dominic Lazzaro

Year: Junior 

Major: Political Science (Psych Minor)

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Activities: Video Games, Snowboading, beer tasting, anything involving sugar.

Best UP Memories: Storming Merlo field after the girl’s team secured playoffs.

Commons or Cove: Commons all the way.

One UP Bucket list item: Stand on top of Chiles/Mehling.

Most embarrassing moment at UP: I made an Exorcist joke at one of the opposing soccer players, whose name was Regan.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When anyone says “irregardless.” Get it right, people. 

Favorite TV Show: Gotham and Criminal Minds.

Celeb Crush: Emma Watson.

Single or taken: Happily taken.

Ideal girl: Emma Watson.

Ideal date:  Anywhere with Emma Watson.

Deal breaker: Selfish / Stuck up attitude.

Deal maker: A sassy sense of humor.

Next dream travel destination: Italy (again).

Favorite city: Assisi.

Future pet(s): a three-legged wiener dog named Struggles.


Madeleine Boyle is a junior philosophy major at the University of Portland. She is always looking for truth, goodness, and beauty in a variety of places, from psychology and metaphysics to knitting and fashion. She hopes that in contributing to HerCampus she can make people think a little more deeply about themselves and the world.
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