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Meet Campus Celebrity Mele!

This week’s campus celebrity is our one and only Mele Makanui! Mele is a great friend and I’m excited to share a bit about Mele with our Her Campus readers!

Major: Psychology 

Hometown: Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Year: Senior

Three words to describe yourself:

Hard-working, caring and generous.

Favorite memory at UP?

Can a whole year count? I had an incredible time studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria my sophomore year. My favorite trip was through Greece and Italy because of the incredible weather and delicious food! It was so nice to be able to travel with everybody in the group. 

Do you have any future plans?

I’m currently lookinf for internships and exploring all my options. 

Favorite type of food?

I love pasta! Also desserts. My favorite kind of dessert is definitely cookies. 

Any advice for the younger classmates? 

Definitely study abroad. It opens up so many incredible opportunities and it lets you create friendships with amazing people you probably wouldn’t have met anywhere else! Also, get involved with clubs. I’m a member of Latin Dance, Hawaii and Disney club. Each club has a special meaning to me and I’m able to meet people who have similar interests. 

What is your favorite Disney character?

Mulan, because she loves her family and doesn’t ever give up even when people are telling her that she can’t do it. Also, she saves China. So that’s pretty cool too. 

A girl loving the exploregon mentatlity. 
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