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Meet Campus Celebrity Katie Schultz!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.
Name: Katie Schultz
Hometown: West Linn, Oregon
Major/Minor: Bio-Chemistry
Year: Senior ‘14
What made you want to come to UP?
Katie: Well, the scholarship money they gave me was number one reason. But also campus is beautiful and Swindells is kind of crazy top of the line when it comes to college science programs.
What’s your favorite Halloween movie?
Katie: Hocus Pocus because it was one I always watched as a kid. I like it because I was able to be simultaneously scared and still laugh. I get scared easily, so it was nice to have something to laugh at as well.
If you could only dress up as one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Katie: I would probably a Disney princess, specifically Belle because she’s one of my favorites and she has multiple awesome costumes. For example, there’s her peasant dress, yellow dress and winter coat. You can even make it classy or less so depending on your age!
What clubs/ activities are you involved in on campus?
Katie: I am technically a part of the American Chemical society (I have a t-shirt and everything), and I have recently been involved with College Republicans. 
What is one of your favorite places in Portland?
Katie: I really like the Southeast Water area. It’s a great place to find coffee shops and drinks, it’s one of the lesser known places that I’ve recently gotten into. Also two of my siblings work along there, so that’s an extra bonus.
What advice do you have for incoming freshman?
Katie: Don’t be afraid to apply for positions you think you’re under qualified for. Especially for science majors. I got a lot of emails through the years talking about jobs that I thought I wasn’t qualified for, so I didn’t apply. But, I applied for a job at OMSI that, even being under qualified, I still got! You won’t know unless you try!
Hi! I'm Avery Aresu, a Junior English Major with a Fine Arts minor at the University of Portland. I'm a writer for the Portland chapter of HerCampus and I'm really excited to be part of the team this year. I'm originally from Auburn, WA, but being here in Portland for these past three years has made me fall in love with Oregon. I love nothing more than drawing and painting, and I spend my free time hanging out with friends and my boyfriend, learning new gluten-free recipes, reading classic literature, going on adventures, bouldering, archery, and going to concerts. Portland is the most wonderful place to be, and I'm excited to share more about it! :)
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