Meet Campus Alumna, Sabrina!

Name: Sabrina Bernaldo-Olmedo
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Chico, California
Favorite Spot on Campus: I really love the look out points near the Commons, where you can see downtown. It's a really great place to relax.
Hobbies: In the past year I've gotten back into photography, something I started in 7th grade. I really love carrying my camera around with me wherever I go. I also love to read, write, and explore Portland.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Marie Avgeropoulos from The 100. Who doesn't love a tough warrior?
Favorite TV show: Nikita
Favorite Movie: Finding Neverland
Ideal Date: I'm actually not a huge fan of dinner dates or movie dates, at least not as the first one. I like doing something active because I've just always found it to be a lot less awkward. I think a fair or amusement park are really fun date ideas, or just staying local and exploring downtown and getting some coffee at one of the billions of cafes. Something chill where you can still talk and get to know the person. 
Patronus: I'd love to say something like a wolf or tiger since those are my favorite animals, but honestly it's probably an owl or a cat.
Favorite Candy: Kit Kats!