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Meet Andrea Jackle ’14!

Name: Andrea Jackle

Year: Senior

Hometown: Camas, WA

1. What has been your favorite memory at UP?

While it wasn’t necessarily a good thing… last year in the spring some friends and I were working on homework under the huge tree outside of France. It was super sunny so we were sitting right under the tree and then a bird ended up dropping a poo on my computer. It was really surprising and initially a day ruiner. But looking back now it still cracks me up.

2. What is the best class you’ve ever taken?

The best class I ever took was probably fine arts in Salzburg. Frau Loos is extremely intelligent and just has so much information and stories to share. Plus being abroad we all helped each other study for the quizzes and made several real fun games out of the study process.

3. As a working student, how do you manage your time? And what advice would you give to those trying to balance work and an early morning job?

As lame as it is to say going to bed early is a huge must with an AM job. Sometimes you miss out nights in or out with friends or evening events. But you just make your schedule work for you. Even if it means doing homework in the middle of the day instead of late at night you can also utilize dinnertime as a time to catch up with friends. Which, before working at Starbucks in the AM I didn’t realize how time could be utilized differently.

4. What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Funny, outgoing, and awkward.

5. What are you going to miss most about college?

I think I’ll miss being surrounded by people who are doing the same thing as me. Right now we are all in the University of Portland culture and I think after graduation I’ll really miss walking onto campus and having all these classmates who understand balancing school, work, friends, and future planning.

I am studying Organizational Communication with a emphasis in Public Relations at the lovely University of Portland. I grew up in Salem, Oregon, but I absolutely love living in the city. My hobbies are reading, writing (obviously), running, and watching cat videos. And eating. I also love window shopping in the Pearl District, going to the Saturday market, and trying out new restaurants.
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