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Meet Alicia Romero: KDUP Volunteer Coordinator

Music’s a beautiful way to bring people together, especially in a college environment. That’s exactly what Alicia Romero, the volunteer coordinator at KDUP College Radio, has found and made a job out of. Even though she has a science brain as a bio and chem major, she has been able to access her more creative side by being in involved with UP’s radio station the past four years.


It all started her freshman year when she got involved with KDUP through a friend taking her to street team (KDUP’s weekly meetings). She has now become the person that plans those meetings. She also reaches out to students to get involved with the station either by applying to become DJs, helping promote and attending events and concerts, etc. Her favorite part of her job is being able to meet new people and bond over music.

Alicia has an upbeat disposition that makes anyone around her feel welcome. When asked what kind of music is her favorite, her personality shined through when she answered, “I will give anything a try, that being said I’ve expanded my music taste a whole lot. My favorite types of music are hip hop/R&B, alternative rock, and EDM.” This is the perfect example of how Alicia and the other KDUP staff have created such a diverse and inclusive environment that has kept DJs and listeners coming back to find both new friends and music.

Want to get involved with KDUP to meet awesome people like Alicia?

  1. Contact Alicia directly at romeroa18@kdup.edu  
  2. Visit the KDUP website https://sites.up.edu/kdup/
  3. Show up to street team at 7 pm on Tuesday in St. Mary’s
  4. Keep an eye out for KDUP concerts around campus!
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