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Make the Most of Your Spring Break

Chances are your spring break does not consist of a wild week in Cabo posting hourly updates for all your friends to see. Like many college students, I will be going home for spring break. Before you get FOMO and turn to social media to live vicariously through all 500 of your closest facebook friends, here are some ways to make the most of your spring break at home.


  1. Re-Connect with High School Friends

Many college students come home for breaks and realize that their high school friends have changed a bit. A new major, some newfound independence, and new social groups can be some contributing factors in a friend’s new growth. It can be difficult to reconnect, but it is well worth it. Remember that although you may all have different college experiences, you will all have a summer break where it is nice to have someone to talk to. So, get your old group together to go out to dinner, or at least grab one friend to bond over coffee.

    2. Go Summer Job Searching

Although midterms may be over and all you want to do is sleep and watch Netflix, now is the perfect time to search for summer jobs. You will not regret it come summer time when you have four months off and loads of free time. A summer job provides structure, skill-building, and at the very least, an outlet for socialization.

  3. Resolve to Be Healthy

Long gone is January first, and you may have forgotten your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier and exercise. However, summer break is around the corner and that can be very motivating to look and feel your best. Go on a family hike, or make small changes to your diet such as slowly reducing sugar.

  4. Wake up Before Noon

This might seem like the craziest suggestion on the list. However, I’m not suggesting you get up at 6:30 for an 8:10 class. I am just suggesting that your body should not get to used to a different sleep schedule that it has trouble transitioning back to real life after break. Try it, you’ll feel better.

5. Cross one thing off your to-do list every day

What is on your to-do list? Maybe there is a class that you want to review the material a little bit each day. Whatever it is, find time in your day where you are most productive and do it.



Hello, my name is Madison Hughes! I love creative writing, reading historical fiction, baking, and running! I am from California and I am studying in Portland. This will be my Junior year, and my first year writing for HerCampus. :)
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