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It is officially the second half of spring semester and many of us are losing motivation. Physically you are still in class, but mentally your mind is walking on a warm beach enjoying summer vacation. Here are a few tips to stay motivated!

1. Prioritize

Focus on your assignments by making a list of everything you have to complete. Rank your assignments in order of importance. Try to save the easy tasks for last! The assignments that are most time consuming are usually the ones you learn the most from.

2. Adjust Your Approach and Set Goals

Sometimes it is hard to stay interested in what you are learning about. Try to think of your assignment in a different way so that you can learn something different from it. Also, it is good to set goals on these assignments. For example, if you are writing a paper don’t focus on the completed paper. Try and break it down into different components. It can help the assignment seem smaller and easier to accomplish.

3. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

When you complete an assignment, give yourself a quick reward. Go for a walk or watch a scene of one of your favorite shows. I find it easier to stay motivated if you are working towards an immediate reward. 

Happy studying, Pilots!

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