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Have You Met Sister Sue?

The University of Portland is full of great people! One of these great people is Sister Sue. She’s the Hall Director for Fields Hall and is great to have around. She’s very friendly and some may even say she’s a bit of a celebrity here on campusShe shared a little bit about herself and her journey to the University of Portland. 

What brought you to the University of Portland?

I worked at Notre Dame for 15 years. During my time there, I got elected into a leadership congregation and I spent 4 years there. A friend of mine told me about the University of Portland, and after my time in the leadership congregation, I came to UP, and I’ve been here for 5 years.

What’s you favorite thing about the University of Portland?

I love the community of students here. Everyone is very kind and intellegent. It is also a great place to call home. A lot of other schools are not meant for everybody, but the University of Portland is perfect place to call home for many students. 

How do you find the Portland weather?

I’m not a big fan of the weather here. I’m from Illinois where we have all the seasons, and we don’t really get much of that here. Over there, we get all the seasons, but over here, it’s really just rain and snow.

What do you enjoy about the city of Portland?

I really like the people and the food in Portland. Portland, I think, is a very tolerant city, and just full of great people. Back in Illinois, I didn’t really know a lot of the people that lived around me, but here the community is very friendly. It’s also a city of full of great unique neighborhoods and parishes.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I worked at a phone company for about 10 years, and while I was working there, I became the first woman telephone installer in the State of Illinois in 1971. 

What advcie would you give to the University students or just collge students in general?

If I had to give one piece of advice, I would say to make good choices, just get involved in clubs and event, and don’t rush into friendships. When you find a good friend, you’re going to know who that is, so just take the time to get to know people. 

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