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With Graduation Approaching, Seniors are Becoming Anxious (but not why you think!)


Commencement is looming and a lot of seniors are beginning to put on their Graduation Goggles. All of a sudden, every bloom on cherry trees is more precious, every house party more special, and every impactful lecture all the more inspiring. True, it may be influenced by the impending reality of post-graduation life, but there is one reality that seniors are pretty mad about: graduation tickets.

In years past, each senior was given five graduation tickets, but because of the size of the current graduating class, each senior is given four tickets. The Class of 2014 Facebook page is filled with auctioning extra graduation tickets, arguments about the price of each ticket, and the ridiculousness of it all. Some are even crying out for the student body to unite and pose their arguments to the administration. Regardless, it is apparent that the seniors are up in arms about this injustice because no one wants to have to choose who can come to their graduation.

Many seniors have more than four people who have supported them during their college years. It is an unfortunate situation to have to pick who gets to celebrate one of the proudest moments of each student’s life, but it is the reality of Commencement weekend. Perhaps in the future, the administration will consider having graduation at a location large enough to allow more than four tickets for each senior.

Until that day comes, the seniors will have to deal with the reality that is. But hopefully the frustration will dissipate and the senior class will be able to celebrate the amazing accomplishment that graduation is with the lucky supporters that will be cheering for them in the crowd. 

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