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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.


Well hello there scholars!

I know you’re all getting super excited for finals and you simply can’t wait to sit down during Dead Week and focus on everything you’ve learned all semester. Side note: whoever invented cumulative finals clearly had it out for us; as if we aren’t already stressed out! Anyways, I’m here to tell you the best ways to procrastinate during dead week. I already know that you’ll be spending copious amounts of time on Facebook and Tumblr, so I refuse to suggest those. However, I am here to suggest the three most productive ways to procrastinate. After all, what scholar doesn’t need a little break to rejuvenate the brain and make some space for some awesomely brilliant ideas?

Take a walk.

And yes, I do recommend listening to “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit as you are taking a walk. But seriously, stroll down Willamette Blvd., blast your favorite music, and just get out of your desk chair and away from your books! If it’s raining, put on a jacket and be a real Portlander. If it’s hailing, then walk up and down the stairs in your dorm building. Just make sure you get out and breathe some fresh air. A good way to remember this would be to have a walking buddy, and get together every 2 hours to get outside and chat. Or if you prefer the solo game, grab your music and dance/walk to your favorite beats and take some deep, de-stressing, breaths.

Coffee or nap… or both.

Knowing my personal habits during Dead Week, I’m guessing that the majority of us get half the amount of sleep we would usually get. While I would normally suggest drinking tea to take a break, sometimes only coffee will cut it. What I do suggest is sitting down to drink your coffee and not studying, at least for 20 minutes. Just concentrate on how amazing your coffee tastes and how you are one cup closer to a fabulous summer! Use this time to socialize, visualize your success, or just check out from reality for a bit. Also, take naps! Something I love about Dead Week is seeing people take impromptu naps everywhere, but honestly if you can’t concentrate because you’re so tired, then there isn’t any point. So get some coffee, take a nap, then get back to work.

Angry music.

My playlist during Dead Week is ridiculous. It consists of a lot of film score music, some Bach, and a whole lot of symphony music. Then all of a sudden, Jackyl’s “When Will it Rain?” comes on and I know it’s time to take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I love classical music when it comes to studying, but sometimes I just need a break, and you do too! So turn on your angry music (not too loud!) and get all your angst out. While you’re listening to your music, think of everything that’s stressing you out, blame it on someone, yell if you have to, then pipe down. I promise you’ll feel much better and studying will go a lot more smoothly.

I hope Dead Week goes well for everyone! Study a lot, take a lot of breaks, and you’ll do great!!

I am studying Organizational Communication with a emphasis in Public Relations at the lovely University of Portland. I grew up in Salem, Oregon, but I absolutely love living in the city. My hobbies are reading, writing (obviously), running, and watching cat videos. And eating. I also love window shopping in the Pearl District, going to the Saturday market, and trying out new restaurants.
Hailing from eastern Washington, Julia attends the University of Portland in Oregon, as a Communication Studies major with an emphasis on Journalism. As a magazine and book junkie, Julia reads everything (and anything) she can get her hands on, especially those passionate on young adult culture and entertainment. A woman that gets stir-crazy easily, Julia has been fortunate to have traveled many summers in a row to foreign countries, including a study abroad course in Austria, Germany, and Great Britain. Since a ripe age, she has grown and cultivated her passion and dream of working for a magazine and spreading awareness as well as happiness through the tips of her fingers. Always finding time for herself, Julia can frequently be found quoting movie lines (most frequently Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn), having a 90's dance party with her roommates, or rereading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" for the 40th time.