Cheap Ways To Make Your Dorm Feel Homier

It's no secret that when dorm rooms were designed, the interior was designed for functionality, not style. I mean, those blank white walls that are covered with holes from the people who lived there before you and those mysterious stains in the carpet don't exactly scream comfort. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to make your dorm room cozier just in time for the holidays, without breaking the bank! Here are three of them!

1. Buy Holiday Decor From The Dollar Store

As we get closer and closer to the Christmas season, are you missing being at home when your mom's decoration collection was fully stocked? I know I sure am. It's just not fair that in college we don't get a mantle to hang stockings from! Us broke college students are in luck though! The dollar store's jam-packed with Christmas decorations that are perfect for filling your dorm room with...not to mention the fact that they're so cheap! Everything's only a dollar, so that means I can go crazy, right? Bonus points go to the people who get supplies from the Dollar Store and then turn to Pinterest for fun DIY projects that make your decorations look expensive!






2. Target Dollar Section 

I have three words for you...Target. Dollar. Section. Similar to the Dollar Store, the Target dollar section's always there to welcome my near-empty checking account with open arms. It's really a gift sent from above because it's stocked with cute decor year round and the fact that they recently implemented Christmas decor only helps its case. Personally, I think Target may be my one true love, so there's some definite consumer bias over the Dollar Store, but both are still great options if you're looking to amp up the coziness in your dorm while on a budget. 




3. Care Packages 

Hint at loved ones that you could really use a care package right about now. I've seen this plan work, so I'm fairly certain that it's foolproof! One of my roommates mentioned to her mom that our apartment was looking pretty bare, especially with the holidays just around the corner. And because she was so busy with her studies (parents love hearing that stuff) she hadn't had much time to go shopping, and also wanted to save money for buying actual Christmas presents. A week later, her mom sent a hefty care package full of holiday decorations. Score!



Good luck and happy decorating!