The Best and Worst Things About Dorm Life

Living in dorms has a lot of benefits, but there also some downsides to living on campus. Here are 4 reasons why living on campus is both the best and the worst.

Best Things About Dorm Life

1. Close to Class

Everything’s within walking distance which is especially beneficial on those days you’re running late.


2. Easy to Meet New People

The good thing about living in a dorm is there are always people around. It can be really easy to find an unfamiliar face and introduce yourself.


3. Hall Events

After a long day, going to your RA’s event can really help cheer you up.


4. Tight-Knit Community

You don’t have to search very far to find something fun going on. Everyone's welcoming and does their best to make you feel at home.

Worst Things About Dorm Life

1. Communal Bathrooms

Not every dorm has these, but they usually aren’t that bad. Except for the days, when the bathroom's dirty and all the showers are full.


2. Lack of Privacy

Being really close to everyone isn’t always a good thing. Some days you feel like you don’t get a moment to yourself. And you can hear everything happening around you.


3. It Can Feel Crowded

You know when you plan to go do laundry or go use the study rooms to get work done. But, then you go to the basement to discover all the study rooms are full and all the machines are in use, so you can't do laundry. 


4. Hard to Focus

While everyone's really friendly and nice, sometimes it’s easy to get side-tracked. I usually get distracted whenever I try to do work in the shared living spaces.