AHS seasons ranked: entry-level terror to scream-worthy cinema

Personally, I have deemed myself a wimp when it comes to scary movies. No matter how bad the editing, unrealistic the storyline or comical the acting, every jump scare and or evil serial killer will usually leave me sleepless for days. 

However, when I was unwillingly convinced to watch American Horror Story with my newest UP friends in their Shipstad dorm room my freshman year, I established a deep admiration and interest in the highly acclaimed series.

My theory behind my change of heart is that every season of AHS, unlike many horror TV series', has an extremely complex and intricate storyline. It forces you to focus on the details of the plot than the actual gore and monster-esque creatures that would normally leave you shaking until dawn. 

So, if you are looking to participate in the spooky season's best shows but are apprehensive when watching suspenseful cinema, I have complied a ranking of AHS from the least to most scary season. 

9. Roanoke 

You'll be more confused about the storyline and filming set up than scared by the antagonists; it's barely worth the watch in my opinion.


8. Coven

Quite possibly the *best* season to date, Coven invokes the ultimate girl power mode in all of us. And Fiona Goode will always be my favorite version of Jessica Lange.

7. Cult

Season 7 addresses the potential aftermath of radical White Supremacist groups following the 2016 election; the finale will BLOW YOUR MIND.

6. Hotel

The bloodiest season to date. And the queen LADY GAGA makes her AHS debut!

5. Freak Show

Three words: Twisty the Clown.

4. Apocalypse 

The newest season has only aired 3 episodes thus far but from those alone, I am already terrified. Nevertheless, I can't wait for the next one.

3. Murder House

You can't go wrong with the OG cast and crew.

2. Asylum 

Demon possessions, alien invasions and a deranged serial killer will have you on the edge of your seat.

1: The intro credits

Just skip them, they are LITERALLY scarier than the actual episode.