7 Essentials to Keep in Your Bag

Alright question: Do you ever feel like Mary Poppins with all the things you have in your bag? I know I do. It can be a real struggle to figure out what I actually should have in there. Like, do I really need to carry sunscreen at all times? Probably not. Do I? You betcha and I live in Portland, OR aka the land of cloudy skies and constant rain.  To help you declutter, here are 5 things you should always keep in your bag.


Does this question ring a bell: “Do you have a mint or some gum?” I think I actually get asked this at least once a day and yes sometimes I’m the one asking myself. And you know what’s the worst? Reaching into your bag and realizing you’re fresh out of mints. (no pun intended) I’m more of a mint person myself, but for all, you gum folks out there, stick to what you know and keep an extra pack in your bag. (okay, no more puns I promise.)


2. Hair ties

Anyone know how to not loose hair ties? Asking for a friend. For some reason, whenever I don’t have a hair tie all I want to do is throw my hair up into a ponytail. I made the mistake of keeping my “gross” hair ties in my backpack. You know which ones I’m talking about? Those hair ties you don’t actually like to use because they pull your hair or leave creases in it. I thought I was being strategic by keeping my “gross” hair ties in my backpack in case someone needed one since we all know that “borrowing” a hair tie means it’s theirs for good. Well, jokes on me because I’m the only one asking for a hair tie. Do yourself a favor and keep some “gross” hair ties AND hair ties you actually like to use.

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The moment that I don’t have chapstick on me is the moment my lips become as dry as the Sahara desert. To stop the desertification of my lips, I have chapsticks strategically placed. I have one in every purse, at least two in my backpack, and one in my car.


4. Safety Pins 

Okay, before you think I’m a weirdo, just think about all the uses of a safety pin. Just the other day, my friend was in desperate need of a safety pin, it was a minor fashion emergency, but guess what? None of us had a safety pin! I normally keep some in my mini first aid kit, but I forgot to put the kit back in my backpack. We ended up using a bread bag clip that we found in my backpack, don’t ask, but it would have been 100x easier if we had had a safety pin.



5. Tampons & Pads 

Yes, this one might be obvious, but still, there have been a couple occasions where I’m out and about and then either my friend or I get a surprise visit from our frenemy, Aunt Flo. To play it safe, I always keep at least one tampon and pad in every bag.


6. Pen & Paper 

Want to play a quick game of hangman? Need to leave a note for someone? Want to jot down an idea the old-fashioned way? I always have a pen and a little notepad in all my bags that way I don’t have to remember to move one over when I switch bags. Plus, I’ll look for any excuse to buy cute notepads and pens. I might have a little bit of an obsession with office supplies, but that’s for another time.


7. Headphones

On a phone call and need your hands-free? Want to listen to some tunes on your way from class? Trying to watch Netflix in the library? What do all of these have in common? The need for headphones. Wrap them up in an old mint container to keep them from being behind tangled.