5 Things I didn't realize I would miss about college

University of Portland
United States


Crazy College schedules

I miss 2 pm naps. I miss 2 pm naps. I miss 2 pm naps.

I miss going to my morning classes, grabbing lunch, napping from 2pm-5pm, hanging out and studying with friends until 3am, repeat 5 days a week. Staying up and out till 4am on Friday and Saturday, waking up at noon on Sunday to catch up on homework until 2am the next day. Or the days I would be in class all day until 6:30pm so I would sleep from 7pm-10pm and then get back up and continue my day.


Public safety...commonly seen as the “bad guys” because they enforce campus policies. Despite this stigma, I was fortunate enough to have many positive experiences. Looking back I remember the time they gave me a jump after I left my lights on all night, the countless times I called for a ride to my car parked in river campus at 10 pm; even just the feeling of safety I felt on campus knowing they would be there. Oh also one time they gave me a ride back from an RA event and drove me LITERALLY up to the doors of Mehling. It was extra but I loved every second of it. 


The Sounds

I had a moment during my last finals week when I was sitting in my room and realized that soon it would be the last time I heard all these familiar noises; the sound of the showers across my room, my residents laughing in the hallways, the ringing of the bells, the loud conversations of Villans walking home from class or their game day drums outside my window. I would frequently hear someone in West Quad belting out the Jurassic Park theme and it always made me LOL...so whoever you are, thank you. These sounds were the sounds of my home. 

Credit: Villa drum squad Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VillaDrumSquad/


Campus Activities and Community Spaces

Alumni life can get lonely. I didn't realize how important campus activities were until I was released into the real world and realized I couldn't just go to a Mehling Hall Feel Good Friday or drop in on a Pilots After Dark if I was feeling bored or lonely. Above all, I miss the Mehling lobby, where I could relax and feel like I was a part of a family. It was always at campus events and community spaces where I made some of the most amazing memories.

Actual School

Maybe I don't miss the all-nighters studying for Pitzer’s “extravaganzas” or the hours spent on SPSS praying it didn't freeze right after I entered all my data. I do however miss the feeling of accomplishment (aka sweet relief) when handing in that paper. I miss taking notes, reading in preparation for discussions, office hours and writing flashcards. Most of all I miss the lectures. It's so inspiring to watch someone teach their passion. I might sound crazy but if I could just go to college for the rest of my life, I would.