5 Reasons Why I love Fall!

Summer is over. But we don’t need the heat when it's followed by the best season of them all! Let’s be real; nothing beats fall. Make the most of the season and enjoy all that comes with it – the crisp air, colorful trees, and pumpkin spice treats.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Fall:

1. The word "autumn" is clearly the most elegant way to describe a season. It just *sounds* beautiful.

2. Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING.

3. The smell of a fresh bowl of candy corn. It's a mixture of cake and happiness.

4. Cold drizzles mean it's finally time to break out all those comfy knit sweaters you've been missing.

5. And Fall means Halloween! (which means pumpkins with glowing faces, spooky costumes and Costco sized bags of candy). Who's ready?