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Easter’s tomorrow and you know what that means. BRUNCH! One of my favorite college traditions my friends and I have is going to Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night and then going to brunch on Easter Sunday. We try to pick a new place every year, which should be easy, but we live in Portland, Oregon aka the unofficial brunch capital of the PNW. That being said, it can be quite a challenge deciding on where to go. One could say that finding the perfect Easter brunch spot, is an adult’s version of an Easter Egg Hunt. You’re trying to find the best egg, or restaurant in this case, before everyone else and their mom takes it. To help you out with finding the perfect spot for your Easter brunch, here are 5 places to check out: 


1. Tasty n Alder 

With over 2,700 reviews, this place scores a 4.5 on Yelp. Check out their brunch menu here. Bonus: They take reservations. 



2.  Screen Door 

Shut the front door, this brunch spot has over 5,000 Yelp reviews! It looks like Screen Door’s a fan favorite. Check out their weekend brunch menu here



3. Jam On Hawthorne  

This is where my friends and I went last year and we were fans. The waiter even made our receipt into a paper airplane. Take about some first-class service. It has a solid 4 stars on Yelp with over 1000 reviews. Definitely a contender for Easter Brunch. Check out their menu here



4. Petite Provence 

This is a UP fan favorite when it comes to brunch spots. With over 1000 reviews, they have a 4.5 Yelp rating. Here’s the menu if you wanted to take a gander! 



5. Mother’s Bistro & Bar 

I guess what they say is true, mothers really do know what’s best. It has a solid 4-star Yelp rating with over 3300 reviews. Make sure to check out the menu

Victoria is a senior marketing major with a sustainability minor at the University of Portland. In her free time, she loves browsing the aisles of Target, exploring Portland and drinking chocolate milk. When in doubt her outfits are almost entirely from Old Navy and you can normally find her in Kenna Hall where she is one of the Resident Assistants. 
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